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Monitoring Attainment and Progress of Learners

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MAP Learners is a flexible web-based service for secondary schools that gives teachers and school leaders the power to easily monitor the attainment and progress of learners over their time in Key Stages 3 and 4. Developed in collaboration with a large, successful academy in Hampshire, our software is designed around the needs of school staff and is continually evolving to respond to their requirements.

  • Designed for secondary school teachers and leaders
  • Intuitive interface gives users instant access to vital data through any computer or smart phone
  • Designed to be flexible, because every school collects and uses data differently
  • Saves time - many schools can be up and running in less than two hours, and there's no need to create spreadsheets of progress data
  • Low cost, because we are all about helping schools rather than making huge profits
  • Fully customisable - tell us about the report you would find really helpful and we'll see if we can build it in