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What it does

Basically, you'll need to export the data you have in whatever system your school uses (e.g. SIMS, Facility, etc.) then upload it to MAP Learners. Everyone with a user login can access the full range of reports through our secure website, using any computer with a recent browser, tablet or smartphone. Once teachers start using our reports to get to grips with all the data about their classes, the impact on teaching and learning is sure to follow. Some of our reports are described in this overview.

How it works

Click the register link above and sign up to a two week trial. You'll need to answer a few questions about how you want to use MAP Learners and then you can start uploading data. If you store grades on SIMS we provide Report Definition files which make preparing the data for upload really easy. If you use a different system you will need the expertise to output the right data and put it into one of our acceptable formats. Once data is on the system, set up your teachers and other staff as users and you are ready to go!

MAP Learners will measure progress against individual subject baseline levels (your first assessments in Y7) or against KS2 average levels, or both. Users can break down reports according to various pre-defined groups (gender, ethnicity, SEN, FSM, LAC, KS2 attainment banding) as well as custom groups you set up for mentored learners, children of service personnel, or any other group you want teachers and support staff to be aware of.

We will support you so that you get the setup that works for your school. If you need a report that is not in the software, let us know what you want and we'll try to build it. We regularly improve MAP Learners, adding functionality to meet the changing needs of schools in the current educational climate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about GDPR?

You will need to upload data to MAP Learners for the purposes of tracking attainment and progress. You should consider mentioning this in your Fair Processing Notice. All data sent to or from the MAP Learners server is encrypted using industry-standard technology. Your data cannot be accessed by any users from other schools, nor by the general public. Please see our general terms and conditions and our supplementary terms for GDPR for more details.

What if we don't collect data every term?

You should specify your data collection points in the settings after you have registered. You can change it as often as you want!

How do you track progress in subjects that are not studied during Key Stage 3?

For each subject, your MAP Learners administrator will need to specify which subject's baseline result you want to measure progress against. For subjects not studied in Key Stage 3, it is common to track progress from an English baseline result. Alternatively, use the KS2 Average Level as a starting point.

How is progress measured?

In Key Stage 3, National Curriculum whole levels or thirds of a level can be used. At Key Stage 4, GCSE or BTEC grades are expected. If you want to track progress for other qualifications you would need to provide a table of equivalence between grades.

What are the technical requirements?

MAP Learners supports Internet Explorer 7+, Chrome, Firefox and Safari as well as most tablets and smartphones. For the full range of features users should have Microsoft Word and Excel (or OpenOffice) installed.


A one-year subscription for a school, including setup support, admin support, access to updates when they are released, and a limited amount of customisation, currently costs £450. Additional customisation can be purchased when it is needed.

You can register today for a free two week trial (which we can extend if you ask us to). This gives you time to check that MAP Learners works correctly with your existing data systems. To continue after your free trial you will need to email us and request an invoice. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions first.

Contact us

Do get in touch if you want to discuss how MAP Learners might benefit your school. Our email address is info@maplearners.co.uk

MAP Learners is a service provided by LightDev Ltd. Our registered office is 102 Honeysuckle Road, Southampton, SO16 3BW.